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Free kits to download

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Welcome to our free kits page to download! Pregnancy guide, themed birthday kits for your children ... to download them, it's simple, you just have to log in with your account to enjoy it.

Baby birthday kit 1 and 2 years

Birthday kit 3-6 years: princess party

Birthday kit 3-6 years: the knights and princes feast

Anniversary kit 3-6 years: the world of fairies

Birthday Kit 3-6 Years: Pirate's Day

Birthday kit 3-6 years: the party of small pirates

Birthday kit 3-6 years: the magicians' party

Birthday kit 6-10 years: the fairy day

Kit for girls 6-10 years: the pajama party

Birthday kit 6-10 years: princess party

Anniversary Kit 6-10 Years: The Knights and Princes Festival

Birthday Kit 6-10 Years: Pirate's Day

Mother's Day Special

Easter, we celebrate

Christmas: recipes and coloring

Christmas: crafts

Halloween: recipes, crafts ...

Halloween: disguises and coloring pages