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Introducing him to the joys of gardening

Introducing him to the joys of gardening

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Play with water, mix the soil, sow seeds ... children love gardening, which opens them to the magical world of nature. And much more.

Gardening: an awakening workshop

  • Through gardening, children train coordinate their actions to sow seeds, plant bulbs or water plants. In addition, gardening solicits their different senses: the sight, the smell ... without forgetting the taste!

Gardening: a lesson of things

  • They understand how plants grow, thanks to the light and the water, and observe life through the seasons. Interesting also to teach them to situate themselves in time (beginning of structuring in space and time).

Gardening: a hobby against boredom

  • No more monotonous Wednesdays and long live manual work : customize flowerpots, decorate labels, transform a plastic bottle in a greenhouse ... Who spoke of boredom?
  • Gardening is also an opportunity to have fun with the secrets of plants from around the world. Fascinating, for example, the adventure of orchids growing in the rainforests or how Parmentier discovered the potato!

Gardening: a mine of vocabulary

  • Casually, children get to know the names of plants and also gardening jargon: sow, transplant, lighten, repot, air, pinch ... Ah, the magic of words!

Safia Amor

A vegetable garden at home: our DIY sequence.



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