Your child 3-5 years

The canteen, what a discovery!

The canteen, what a discovery!

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The canteen is one of the highlights of school life. And this year, your child will also discover the joys of the refectory.

The problem

Lunch with about thirty other comrades, it's still different from the meal at table with dad-mom. You fear that your child is still small to face the big tables and the hubbub.

Who disturbs

  • Your child. It does not have the same taste as at home and the meals do not take place in the same way. No wonder he's a little lost at first.
  • You. Until now, it was you who were behind the stove. But we will have to delegate this responsibility. And that worries you a little.

He is reluctant to eat at the canteen?

"Say mom, we eat at home at noon?" Every morning, your little schoolboy asks you the same question. He does not seem to like the canteen.

  • What has to be done. Eating at school requires a real effort of adaptation for your child. He finds himself in a collective and impersonal setting. To give him benchmarks, make him visit the refectory in the fall and see the menus of the week with him. To be confident, he must feel that you agree to delegate to the school the care of feeding him. Do not denigrate the canteen, highlight his positive points: he can laugh with his friends and stuff himself with fries on Thursday!
  • What to tell him. "Me too, I had lunch in the canteen of my office", "I can not come get you at noon because I'm at work."

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