Permanent contraception, is it for me?

Permanent contraception, is it for me?

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Arrived in France in 2002, the final contraception called "Essure" aims to prevent the action of the tubes by a process almost painless. It is more "light" than the tubal ligation which imposes a general anesthesia. Who is she talking to ?

Final contraception, how does it work?

  • Performed vaginally, using a hysteroscope, the operation takes between 3 and 8 minutes. It involves placing two micro-implants near the tubes. This triggers a long inflammatory process of healing. Ultimately, the tubes are clogged, which prevents the meeting of sperm and egg, and thus fertilization. This result only comes after three months, when additional contraception is essential.
  • An ultrasound examination performed by the obstetrician-gynecologist, in his office, in the hospital or clinic can then verify the correct positioning of the implants in the tubes, and therefore the effectiveness of the device.

If I want permanent contraception, what steps?

  • For this method of final contraception, there is a procedure established by law since 2001. Named "sterilization for contraceptive purposes", it is for women who do not want more children, without ambivalence, and can be indicated in those, even young people, who do not support other contraceptive methods.
  • If you want this method of contraception, make an appointment with your usual gynecologist, who will refer you to one of 1400 gynecologists-obstetricians trained in the method. The gynecologist-obstetrician is required to present you the method and its alternatives in terms of contraception. Then, you will have to wait four months between this first consultation and the signing of your written consent. This four-month period is written into the law to give women time to mature their decision.
  • About 100,000 women chose this "Essure" method. Well tolerated, 99% effective, it has predominated recently in French women, at the expense of tubal ligation, which requires hospitalization. She is reimbursed by the Social Security, even before 40 years. Its cost is 700 €.

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