The nursery user manual

The nursery user manual

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Enjoy the week of adaptation to ask all the questions that come to you. In the evening, if one of them crosses your mind, do not hesitate to note it on a small notebook.

The times of the nursery are fixed. Maybe too much for you. If you have the feeling that you will have to run all the time to be in the evening on time, try now to find an arrangement, for example with another mom nearby, to give you some flexibility at least one evening in the evening. the week.

Psychologist, pediatrician ... they are also part of the professionals of the nursery, even if they are not always there. If necessary, consider soliciting them. They can help you (or your child) to go through difficult courses.

You would like to discuss a particular problem with your child's referent or the day care director: take time for a real face-to-face meeting. A few words exchanged between two doors rarely solve the real worries of everyday life.

Sometimes you feel like a toddler

When the director talks to you, you sometimes feel like a very small child to whom you tell her four truths. "But Madam, I run an SME, me", do you want to throw it.

So, two things. By dint of talking to toddlers, the ladies of the nursery may have made the habit of dissecting their thoughts and sometimes even repeating to be certain that the message has passed. But it is not systematic! They also sometimes have to deal with parents for whom the things in life are not as obvious as for you: "No, Mr. Dupont, we do not give fries to an 8 month old baby."

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