The family is 2 adults and ... children

The family is 2 adults and ... children

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Each year, the presenters of the JT (men!) We announce the mouth in heart: the division of tasks between men and women does not evolve ... or little!

Yes, but you are not a statistic. You are Julie, Sandrine or Stephanie and your companion has all the mental abilities to run a machine or fill a shopping cart. He can not deny it.

On the other hand, on your side, do not function as the superior steward. Rather, use pedagogy or diplomacy to explain that the walnuts of Papua in winter, at 6.50 euros each, this is perhaps not the best choice.

Moreover, the eco-citizen who sleeps in him can only recognize it. Go, a good kilo of potatoes, it's healthy, affordable (relatively!) And adaptable to all palates: raw or cooked, it's always good!

A mother often shares her life with a man

To remain a woman and a mistress, while being a mother, a sweet utopia? No, but a difficult exercise that requires daily attention and perhaps even a little extra from time to time.

Yes, you know the promise "to go together for a romantic weekend". Easier in dreams than in reality, since we must already have the financial means. And then to know to whom to entrust the children, to be able to leave them all a weekend. Not easy for everyone.

So, if you tried the little cafe at the corner of the street, both, for example after dropping the children at the nursery or school. Easy, not ruinous and a great opportunity to talk without your attention being diverted by a cry, crying ...

Carole Renucci

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