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Computer and TV: Apply the rule of 3-6-9-12

Computer and TV: Apply the rule of 3-6-9-12

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How long do you leave your child in front of the television or the computer? The advice of Serge Tisseron, psychiatrist and author of "3-6-9-12 Taming screens and growing up".

No television before 3 years

  • At this age, a child needs to build his spatial and temporal landmarks, especially through the stories told to him and the books he flips through. Spending time in front of the television, including in front of the programs which are especially dedicated to him, prevents him from interacting spontaneously with his environment and can disturb him internally. Even if he seems captivated by the rhythm of the images, the color and the sound, the baby is in the grip of a strong internal agitation, which can also be manifested as soon as the screen goes out. This is why pediatricians recommend that you avoid exposure to television before this age.
  • And touch tablets? Tablets are not a priority, but can be used in addition to traditional toys, always accompanied, with no purpose other than playing together, and preferably with adapted software.

No games console before 6 years

  • Between 3 and 6 years, your toddler develops his imagination creating with his own hands, drawing, modeling and playing with others. If he learns too early the automatisms of the game console, it penalizes the development of fine motor skills and creativity. On the other hand, you can play with him occasionally.
  • Computers can be an occasional support for family games, even accompanied learning. On the other hand, avoid the television and the computer in his room and set clear rules on the screens time so that he does not become addicted.

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