Osteopathy: 6 good reasons to think about it

Osteopathy: 6 good reasons to think about it

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Nausea, feeling of heaviness, backache, constipation ... For many ailments of pregnancy, osteopathy can relieve you. The explanations of Claudine Ageron-Marque, yesterday midwife, today osteopath.

"Pregnancy is an imbalanced state in equilibrium," says Claudine Ageron-Marque, an osteopath in maternity at the Robert Boulin Hospital Center in Libourne and in a liberal cabinet. With the weight of the future baby, hormonal changes, occur full of small inconveniences. One day, it is the back, the next day the belly or the legs. it's ticking, it starts, it goes back ... And the drugs are not always indicated during these nine months. From where the interest of this soft medicine which goes, with the hands, to detect and to repair the imbalances on the organs, the structure bone and muscular

1. "I wake up with nausea"

  • What is the problem ? Really, your breakfast does not pass ... When you wake up, you feel nauseous, especially if you are in early pregnancy.
  • What does the osteo say? "The body is struggling to cope with the overdose of hormones that occurs during pregnancy, osteopathy is able to improve the nausea situation by lifting small imbalances in the future mother.For example, a side lock of a dorsal vertebra or diaphragm that may resound on the liver and cause nausea. "
  • To do at home. Wake up gently and take the time to stretch. Better wait a little before eating.

2. "I have back pain and heavy legs"

Nearly 7% of osteopathic patients are future mothers. They consult mainly for back or pelvis complaints
  • What is the problem ? Your baby is getting heavier. He pulls on his lower back, at your lumbar level. Venous return is slowed and your legs swell. Two problems that often go hand in hand!
  • What does the osteo say? "The uterus is like a hot air balloon, moored in front of the symphysis pubis (the structure that joins the two bones at the pubic area), and in the back to the sacrum.For the pregnancy, it happens that it hangs, s The osteopath is going to work on the sliding of the uterus which must be able to mobilize on the right, on the left, but not to press and to push down, once this mobility found, the lumbar are relieved. and legs much lighter. "
  • To do at home. Stretch by doing yoga, water aerobics. Avoid tensions in the lumbar area that then reverberate on the muscle chain.

3. "I am constipated"

  • What is the problem ? Like 30% of future mothers, your intestinal transit is slowed down. Sometimes you go for a bowel movement only once a week. The problem gets worse as the months go by.
  • What does the osteo say? "Pregnant, constipation has a biological reason.It is related to progesterone.This hormone relaxes the muscles ... including those of the intestine that becomes lazy.The osteopath will exert small pressure on the stomach, liver, livers If a patient consults because she has back pain at the 8th dorsal, she asks if she is not constipated.The loss of mobility of a vertebra affects the peripheral nervous system (neurovegetative) that it shares with the viscera, its immobility can lead to disorders of function. "
  • To do at home. Walk, drink enough (a full glass of water when you wake up), eat balanced meals rich in vegetables and fruits. And ... do not forget: breathe well!

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