Shared custody is a panacea ...

Shared custody is a panacea ...

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Shared custody is a panacea ... it can be if you get along well with the parents of the little co-guard (without having the intention to make friends), to choose them close to your home, to cut short any possible criticism of the nanny on the other family and ... to have very clearly established, all together, the organization and the list of tasks to be accomplished by the menu. And that the nanny is top!

In these conditions, it can be purely and simply happiness. Your children are kept half of the time at home, no or little jostling in the morning, the costs are shared, you have some control over what the children eat ... and the nanny can also accomplish a few small (only a few since the priority it's the kids) chores.

He is addicted to the great Theo

Theo is the big four and a half who attracts the attention of your little one. He shares his nanny with your child and, as a result, your child only has eyes for him. Theo here, Theo over there ... Rejoice. This admiration means that your child is already open to others and that he finds an interest in being with his nanny. Clearly, if he is able to open to others, it is that he feels good.

Carole Renucci

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