Connected family diary: the top 3 apps

Connected family diary: the top 3 apps

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A family newspaper, what is it? Discover 3 applications selected for you: we tell you how it works, strong or weak points

Have you heard of these apps that allow you to create a family diary, and receive it in print? The writing of Our family selected the best of them and sifted them: how they work, how much it costs, what are their strengths or limitations.

A connected family newspaper, what is it?

Sharing photos and group conversations already exists in many families today. New technologies allow families to communicate from one end of the world to the other, and connect generations by exchanging news and images.
There are also apps that provide additional service, especially for grandparents who also enjoy non-digital media. It's about family diary created on app.
The principle is simple: the newspaper is created online and each member of the family can feed it with his pictures and texts, from his smartphone or his computer. The recipient (most often the grandparents) receives the newspaper as a "gazette" paper in his mailbox.
Here are three apps that provide this service, which we have spotted for you!

1. My Tribu News

Following the death of his grandfather, Arnaud de Cartier, followed by his colleague and friend Mathieu Chrétien, wanted first and foremost to maintain regular contact with his grandmother. This is how the Tribu News app was born.

How does the Tribu News app work?

After creating an online account and inviting family members, everyone can add their photos but also link their Facebook or Instagram account for even more ease. Throughout the month, members can change the order, add or delete the photos that will appear in the newspaper. At the end of the month, the chosen person receives the newspaper by post, and the rest of the family gets it in digital version by email.

Strong points

- The live chat that allows you to ask all your questions live
- The flexibility of the tool that allows to position his photos at will
- The 1 month subscription that allows to make a newspaper for a special occasion
- The environmental commitment of Tribu News (eco-responsible manufacturing)

The weak spots

- The moment we write this article, the app is only available through the Tribu News website, not Apple / Google. A separate app is planned for the fall of 2019.

The price

You have the choice between 3 formulas:
- Monthly subscription to 10 € / month.
- Subscription of 6 months at 8.50 € / month.
- Annual subscription at € 7.50 / month.

See Tribu News

2. Famileo

App launched in Saint-Malo in 2015 by two "grandsons" Breton, Tanguy de Gélis and Armel de Lesquen, Famileo has for slogan "The newspaper that makes the happiness of the grandparents". The good idea is based on the observation that grandparents, even if connected, feast on paper postcards written by their children and grandchildren. So why not a paper diary that would gather the news of the whole family? Famileo now has nearly 300,000 users and is thus a true private social network around grandparents.

How does the Famileo app work?

It's really simple. To use it, all members need to load the app and post their photos and messages whenever they want. The app gathers all the messages, sets them up automatically and then sends the paper gazette by post to the main subscriber. On the appil, there is also a family wall like on Facebook, where all connected members can share necdotes, photos, memories.

The strong points

- The simplicity of the tool that sets the posts automatically
- The wall on the app that allows all members to see the news of others
- The reminder of the anniversary dates
- Famileo's partnership with retirement homes

The weak spots

- The number of characters (300 characters per photo legend) is a bit limited.
- No possibility to comment the photos posted by the rest of the family.
- You can not change the order of publications once they are posted.

The price

For individuals with a delivery of the newspaper at home, there are 3 formulas with up to 30 photos per gazette:
- Subscription at € 5.90 / month for sending a gazette every 4 weeks.
- Subscription at 9.90 € / month for sending a gazette every 2 weeks.
- Subscription to € 17.90 / month for sending a gazette every week.

For families of residents in retirement homes or partner institutions Famileo: the newspaper is printed and distributed on site free of charge.
See Famileo on Google Play
See Famileo on the Apple Store

3. Neveo

Neveo was designed by Simon Desbarax, Vincent Leroy and Jérôme Dubois, three Belgian entrepreneurs, as a way to recreate the old photo albums and connect generations, more or less connected. Today, nearly 100,000 users share their memories in lines and share them with older ones.

How does the Neveo app work?

Once the application is downloaded, just add its photos to the album before the last day of each month so that they are collected for the paper gazette. One can also add his comments and / or messages under the photos, and invite other members of the family to complete this album. No need to deal with the layout every month, Neveo does it automatically.

The strong points

- The existence of Neveo in several languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, Italian)

The weak spots

- The size of the photos a little small for the elderly
- The unmodifiable layout is the disadvantage of automated models, which advocate simplicity and speed of use

The price

Possibility of subscribing to two subscriptions:
- Monthly subscription at € 9.99 / month for up to 50 photos per month.
- Monthly subscription at 14.99 € / month for up to 100 photos per month.

See Neveo on the Apple Store
See Neveo on Google Play

With the same style…
The Picintouch application is based on the same principle of photo collection, but this time they are sent separately in pretty blue envelopes accompanied by soft message and word.
Prices range from € 29 for 20 photo prints to € 109 for 100 photo prints.

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