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Breakfast: 10 questions of moms

Breakfast: 10 questions of moms

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Did you know ? The traditional bread-butter-jam-hot-chocolate is perfect for attacking the day! Catherine Bourron-Normand, dietician, answers all the questions that moms ask on the breakfast. Follow his advice.

1. "Felix is ​​2. Can he have the same breakfast as his 6 year old brother?" (Emmy)

  • Quite simply, it is necessary to propose to Felix, until his 3 years, milk of growth, richer in iron and in essential fatty acids. Up to 1 year, a child needs 250 ml of milk. Growing up, milk must remain the basis of breakfast and almost at the same doses: 200 to 250 ml ...
  • The question is more "how will Felix take it?" Some keep their bottles for a long time! Maybe can you introduce him with a straw? This will facilitate the transition ... For the rest, the quantities evolve with age: a sandwich of 2 cm thick with butter will be enough to 2 years, count two or three to 6 years. But it depends on the children!

2. "I give 4-year-old Rose a bowl of fresh milk and 2 slices of bread, but she still has a bar at 11 o'clock ..." (Pascale)

  • Fresh milk, sterilized, hot, cold ... it's a matter of taste! By cons up to 6 years, prefer whole milk! Your child needs a sufficient amount of fat. The hazelnut butter on the sandwich is not always enough! As for cereals, they are poor.
  • Whole milk helps to revise the shot. Many children are hungry before noon. If you hold them at breakfast with the fat corresponding to their needs, it will be much better!

3. "Edouard, 4 years old, does not digest milk well What to do?" (Alexandrine)

  • Is it because of fat, lactose? Stress before school? To have swallowed too fast? Milk is the subject of controversy, it's true! Some specialists, however, argue that the actual intolerance to lactose does not exist. It would be rather "temporary intolerances". To summarize, the more we grow up, the less we drink milk, the less we tolerate ...
  • You can compensate with yogurts, petits-suisse or cottage cheese, cheese: Comté, edam, camembert ... Avoid for younger children raw milk that could transmit listeriosis. But thanks to the milk, you have not only the correct nutritional intake but also the hydration, essential after the night of fasting!

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