Light on low energy light bulbs

Light on low energy light bulbs

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To light your home, today you have the choice between different bulbs, "normal" that is to say, incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs called "low consumption". These are preferred, especially as the former are destined to disappear!

Low energy light bulbs, a gain in energy

  • While they are more expensive to buy (20% on average), but they last six to eight times longer than conventional bulbs and also consume four to six times less electricity.

Economes, but not necessarily ecologic

  • Be careful, these low energy bulbs contain mercurywhich means you can not throw them anywhere! Vendors must take used bulbs for recycling. A fee of 0.25 € is included in the price.
  • Always because of mercury, do not forget to air the room if you break one of these bulbs.

Our tips

  • Remember to regularly clean your bulbs to maximize their effectiveness. Dust causes a third of luminous efficiency to be lost to lamps!
  • And outside? To light your balcony or your garden, think of the solar garden lamp, economical and ecological, which thanks to its sensors stores the energy of the sun throughout the day and restores it, admittedly weakly, the evening, all for ... 0 euros of electricity!

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