First French baby born after an autograft of ovarian tissue

First French baby born after an autograft of ovarian tissue

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Having become sterile after chemotherapy, a young woman was able to give birth to a little girl thanks to an autograft of ovarian tissue. A great first in France. (News of 26/06/09)

  • An exceptional birth. What's more magical than a birth? This is even more true with that of Ysaline, born June 22 at Besançon University Hospital. Her mother, Rachel, had become sterile after chemotherapy for a bone marrow transplant. She had sickle cell disease, a disease of the blood, since childhood.
  • The solution ? An autograft of ovarian tissue. At the end of 2005, before her treatment, Rachel had agreed to have her ovary removed. The outer part of this ovary was then frozen and cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen. Once Rachel cured, the medical team grafted her own ovarian tissue to restore her fertility. This scientific feat is the fruit of the collaboration of Limoges and Besançon University Hospital Centers.

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  • Ysaline is the seventh baby to be born after an autograft ovarian tissue, and the first in France. For the doctors, this birth offers women hope to preserve their fertility after chemotherapy and to have children.
  • "Six months after the transplant, I was pregnant"says the 23-year-old mother, delighted. Monday, June 22, she gave birth to Ysaline, pretty little chip of 3.7 kg. Mom and baby are doing well. We welcome this miraculous baby!

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