The mistress is only a human being

The mistress is only a human being

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From the first day, you have only one desire: that she speaks to you about your child, that she reassures you, that she tells you that he is not unhappy all the time far from you ( whatever ...). That he is astute, nice with the others ... In short, at the same time a little chameleon but so exceptional.

Stop! You make a mistake: this little man shares a single woman (sometimes, but rarely, a man) with thirty other little men of about the same size. Tell yourself that if the slightest problem arises, you will be the first informed.

The teacher needs (sometimes) to be understood

If you want to earn points, ask the teacher if all is well for her. But be careful, without appearing to have premeditated your shot. Do not seem to doubt either his physical resistance or, worse, psychic, or his professional skills. No, of course, she could raise armies! Say instead: "Wednesday is really good, it allows everyone to blow ..."

Be careful not to overdo it either, the teacher is naturally a little suspicious vis-à-vis parents.

Carole Renucci

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