Name Abdelhakim - Meaning and origin

Name Abdelhakim - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Abdelhakim is a name that comes from the Arabic terms "abd" and "Hakim" meaning respectively "servant" and "wise". "Al-Hakīm" is the 47th name of Allah. This first name can therefore be interpreted as "servant of the sage".


Egyptian Marshal and politician Abdel Hakim Amer, Libyan engineer and commander Abdelhakim Belhadj, Libyan top official and politician Abdelhakim Bouraoui.

Algerian international footballer Abdelhakim Serrar, Moroccan basketball player Abdelhakim Zouita.

His character :

Abdelhakim is a passionate and determined person. It is quite difficult to change your mind. He is a very hard-working person who often surprises people by the paradox between his jovial air and his seriousness. He is a person who likes to make new experiences. In his life, he will travel a lot. Leader in the soul to the abundant ideas, Abdelhakim will like to set up a company with multiple ramifications. Sensitive, he perfectly masters his emotions. He will have to be careful not to be overwhelmed by his emotions. Abdelhakim is finally a realistic and pragmatic person. As a result, he knows exactly what to do in critical situations. He reassures his entourage with his seriousness and his wisdom.


Abd, Abdallah, Abdel, Abdullah, Abdelatif, Abdelaziz, Abdelhafid, Abdelhamid, Abdellah, Abdelkader, Abdelkarim, Abdul, Abdullah

His party :

There are no known parties for the surname Abdelhakim.

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