Name Abdelkader - Characteristics

Name Abdelkader - Characteristics

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Meaning of the name:

Abdelkader is one of the 99 names of Allah or the "most beautiful names of God". It is a name of Arab origin which means "servant of the Mighty" and which can be transcribed Ab Del Kader.


The Emir Abdelkader or Abd el-Kader Ben Muhieddine (1808-1883), Algerian politician, philosopher and writer, symbol of the fight against French domination and colonialism.
Algerian singers Abdelkader Meksa and Abdelkader Chaou and Algerian footballer Abdelkader Guezzal.

His character :

Solicited for their high fidelity, the Abdelkader are shy and discreet. They like simplicity, are passionate about Nature and know how to be frank and obstinate when they have to. Tempted by this name?


Abdel, Abdelaziz, Abdallah

His party :

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