Name Abdoul - Meaning and origin

Name Abdoul - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In Arabic, the prefix Ab- translates as "servant".


Abdoul Ba, Senegalese footballer and Abdoul Camara, Guinean footballer.

His character :

Showing early sense of duty, Abdoul is helpful. He feels an increased need for internal security very early on, which is why his parents' affection is so important to him. Giving heart to deserve their love, Abdoul will seek most of the time to behave well to meet their expectations. Naturally optimistic, his educators and parents will however have to encourage him to express his personality more. If their love and encouragement are fundamental, more socialization is paramount.

Abdoul does not like to waste his time. He will thus demonstrate an early talent for the organization. Over the years, he will combine his desires for travel and discovery with his commitment without fail for his comfortable family cocoon. Abdoul does indeed need a strong sense of internal security. Honest and attentive, he seeks above all the happiness of his relatives. Discreet, he does not like to shine faintly. Orderly and obedient, he will be astonishingly straightforward towards his close family and friends. He is very attached to his social and professional relationships, sources of fulfillment and harmony.


Abdoula, Abdullah, Abdullah and Abdul are some of the most famous names Abdoul.

His party :

The first name Abdoul knows no feast date known until today.

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