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AMP instructions for use

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Artificial insemination, FIV, ICSI or gamete donations ... so many techniques that can help you have a baby. How does medical assistance to procreation (MPA) work? What are the risks, the chances of success?

For many couples, the path to pregnancy is not a long, easy one. And the hope boils down to three letters of hope: AMP or medical assistance to procreation (called PMA before). Explanations to find you in the very complex world of test tubes! What are the different techniques of AMP?


Artificial insemination (AI)

  • In which cases? Artificial insemination is used in cases of unexplained infertility or to compensate for relative weakness in human sperm or cervical mucus problems in women.
  • How's it going ? It is performed either with sperm of the spouse (IAC) or with that of a donor (IAD). It is a question of depositing directly in the uterine cavity, by means of a pipette, the sperm which has been prepared in laboratory (washed and centrifuged). The insemination takes place without anesthesia, in a center of AMP or in the cabinet of the gynecologist.
  • Good to know. Before insemination proper, the woman follows a treatment of ovulation inducers (hormones that trigger ovulation) to increase the chances of success. This treatment is given as daily punctures.

In vitro fertilization (Fiv)

  • In which cases? FIV is mainly intended for women whose tubes are absent or do not work, as well as unexplained cases of infertility in women and men, abnormalities of ovulation, endometriosis. This is the most well known AMP technique. It consists in ensuring the meeting between the oocyte and the spermatozoon outside the body.
  • How's it going ? At first, the woman follows a treatment of ovulation inducers to obtain several oocytes (and not only one as in a natural cycle). These are then punctured, usually under general anesthesia. The morning of the puncture, the spouse must give his sperm collected by masturbation. Oocytes and spermatozoa are gathered in a test tube.

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