The stone of alum, you know?

The stone of alum, you know?

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Used primarily to fight against perspiration, alum stone is increasingly appreciated for its natural properties. Why such an interest ? Explanations.

What is alum stone?

Also known as Crystal Stone, since ancient times it has been part of the world of cosmetics. It must be known that she:

  • Is defined as a mineral based on potassium sulphate and aluminum.
  • Comes from Syria, mostly from the Middle East.
  • Has long been used in a natural way before being added other mineral substances.
  • Must not be confused with "ammonium alum" which is its synthetic version.

What are its properties?

Many current deodorants use chemical components such as aluminum that are thought to be harmful to health. They are now replaced by alum stone. The reasons why she is so appreciated:

  • Do not attach to the skin.
  • Eliminates naturally by perspiration.
  • Leaves a transparent film that creates a barrier to bad odors.
  • Has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.
  • Is an antiperspirant that does not clog the pores of the skin.
  • Do not leave white marks on clothes.
  • Does not have an odor in the natural state.

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