Name Brandy - Meaning and origin

Name Brandy - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Equivalent to the name Brandt in the feminine, Brandy is a name of English origin. It comes from Dutch brandewijn which means "burned wine". It is also a very used surname in the Midi that results from the Latinized form of Brand. It is originally the name of a Germanic warrior who later refers to the firebrand then to the sword.


Pop singer and R'n'B and American actress Brandy Norwood (real name Brandy Norwood Richardson).

No other celebrity bears this name ... your little wonder may be next.

His character :

Worker, shy and intellectual, Brandy has a good critical mind. Discreet and introverted, she appreciates loneliness and is sometimes suspicious. Brandy is also very sociable, sensitive, emotional and has strong humanitarian aspirations.


Brandt, Brant

His party :

No known holiday date

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