Céleste pronunciation - Meaning and origin

Céleste pronunciation - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

From the Latin caelestis, "heavenly, divine".
The Queen Celeste, wife of King Babar, made us forget that this name, derived from Celestin, was rather masculine. It was in the eighteenth century, especially in England, that he began to be attributed to little girls. It's an original choice and a mixed first name.


Celeste Albaret, who was the servant of Marcel Proust.
Celeste Mogador (Countess of Chabrillan), dancer of the nineteenth.

Little is known of Saint Celeste, bishop at Metz in the 4th century, except that he was a model of kindness.

His character :

Celeste is a radiant and charming woman. From the outset impressive, she is generous and welcoming. Open and communicative, she loves to share and exchange. This person with a sharp mind is very curious. Indeed, Celeste is always hungry for knowledge. Courageous and full of energy, she never respites. It is also distinguished by its efficiency combined with great discretion.


Celesta, Celestine, Celestina, Celtina.

His party :

The Celeste are celebrated on October 14th.

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