Célien pronunciation - Meaning and origin

Célien pronunciation - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Célien is a Latin-inspired name derived from the term "caecilli" which was the name of an illustrious Roman family of the third century.


French singer Célien Schneider.

Saint Cecilian lived in the fourth century during the persecution of Christians in Zaragoza. His relics are currently resting at the Holy Encratide Church of Zaragoza.

His character :

Célien stands out for his ambition, his dynamism and his whimsical nature. He has a strong will and is impatient. Adept at "everything and immediately", he demands immediate results and tends to want to accelerate everything. Célien is a convincing man, seductive and very attracted by social success. He constantly tries to prove himself, often to compensate for a lack of confidence inside. In the professional world, he makes every effort to reach the summit. He has the necessary resources and energy.
Endowed with a true sense of friendship, Célien is a loyal and attentive friend. His ability to listen is his first asset. He is the perfect interlocutor for his family in search of reliable confidant. Possessing an innate sense of observation, Célien often gives the best advice to his friends. In private, he feels the need to be supported and encouraged.


Célie, Cécilien and Célian.

His party :

The Célien are honored on April 16th.

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