Name Dan - Meaning and origin

Name Dan - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The first name Dan means "the one who judges" or "God is my judge" in Hebrew.


American journalist Dan Rather), rocker Dan Reynolds, British actor Dan Stevens, racing driver Dan Gurney (one of the greatest drivers of the 1960s), New Zealand rugby player Dan Carter, American writer Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code) ...

What future for your little end?

Daniel was an Old Testament prophet who, when thrown to lions in the 6th century BC, managed to avoid torture.

His character :

Dan is sensitive, friendly and generous, he likes to help his neighbor. He is even able to behave like a true hero if circumstances put him to the test. Sometimes vain, he is however trustworthy, because he has the sense of duty and proves to be very resourceful.
The competition is Dan's first source of motivation. As a result, he has trouble with failures. Very demanding towards himself, he is a follower of excellence and perfection.


Dani, Daniel, Danielo, Dane.

His party :

The Dan are celebrating with Daniel on December 11th.

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