Name Dayana - Meaning of origin

Name Dayana - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Variant of "Diana", the name "Dayana" evokes the goddess of the moon described in Roman mythology. Assimilated to Artemis, "Diana" is also the goddess of woods, hunting and chastity.
In English-speaking countries, "Dayana" is also translated as "light" or "hope".


Dayana Cadeau, the Canadian passed professional in bodybuilding. Since 2007, she has gained great visibility in her field worldwide.
The 2008 Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza. She is also an actress and model.
Cuban actress Dayana Legrá seen in Molina's Ferozz (2010).

His character :

Dayana usually presents herself as a charming, emotional and somewhat sensitive woman. She is very sociable and wishes to continually please his entourage. Idealist and dreamer, this woman of heart desires more often to join great causes transcending her own existence to feel fulfilled. It has a certain penchant for large community, social or humanitarian movements. Driven by her humanistic ideals, Dayana is able to devote all her energy and time to a cause. This brave woman can also make concessions and sacrifices significant to realize his altruistic projects. However, because of its sensitive side, Dayana constantly avoids any form of clashes. At the slightest difficulty, this fragile woman takes refuge in her heart and cuts herself off from the world. To hide her shyness, her lack of self-confidence and all her weaknesses of character, she is most often reserved and proud in public.

Paradoxically, her commitments and her utopian side can lead her to become a fanatic, uncompromising and extravagant activist. Dayana's relatives must help him tame his romantic soul to avoid being blinded by his emotions. During her childhood, this girl's parents with her heart on her hand will have to encourage her to distance herself (with the problems, the people, her emotions, etc.) while inculcating the value of the work, the perseverance, order and discipline. She will be able to face the harsh reality of life, one day at a time, without sacrificing her dreams on the altar of pessimism.


Diana, Daiana, Dyana, Dayanara, Deana and Deanna.

His party :

The Dayana are in the spotlight on June 9th.

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