The parents' meeting is not the parent's meeting

The parents' meeting is not the parent's meeting

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It will take a little patience. The rehearsal meeting takes place in the few days or weeks following the start of the school year. You will be able to try some personal questions. One or two, great maximum.

Namely, personal questions, because they are personal, annoy all other parents. So, if you want to be able to rely on the connivance of some parents to help you out of school from time to time, put your affects in silence mode.

Other parents are not all good

In short, which camp are you in? : "Ah, you work, I prefer to raise my children myself, do not you?" Or "It's not too hard to be cut off from the world, the children's world is a bit limited, no Because at work, what are we laughing at? "

The attack can be directed more directly to your mother's abilities: "Ah, he still has lice yours, you do well what it takes?" Or, worse, about the child himself. There, it is unbearable: "Mine, he immediately understood the meaning of the addition, not yours? And in addition, he knows how to name all the colors, purple and orange included."

Some parents are even crampons

"If you want, we can arrange." Until then, nothing to say. Mothers of all countries, let us unite, it speaks to you. Then the exceptional gives way slowly to the very installed and especially the very installed on your side.

Those things, ladies, with a little experience, that feels. But now, it takes a chouïa experience or a lot of flair.

Carole Renucci

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