Name Elouan - Meaning of the Name

Name Elouan - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Elouan comes from Celtic had, " good and lou, "light".
Elouan is a Breton given name that can only be found in Ireland and Armorica. He started to come out of his borders thanks to the fashion of the Breton names.


No famous Elouan at the moment ... maybe your little one?

Saint Elouan was an Irish monk, a disciple of Saint Tugdual, who evangelized Armorica in the 6th century. His tomb is in the chapel of Saint-Guen (22).

His character :

Elouan has a great strength of character that makes him a go-getter without being fearless. He knows how to take measured risks, perfectly calculated to get where he wants ... Honest, sociable, he makes the happiness of his loved ones.


Elouen, Elowan, Elouarn, Louan, Loan, Loanna.

His party :

The Elouan are celebrated on August 28th.

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