Health insurance accompanies pregnant women

Health insurance accompanies pregnant women

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Are you expecting a baby? The health insurance website helps you to see more clearly through an online service for pregnant women. It allows you to calculate your daily allowances.

  • The health insurance has decided to simplify the lives of future mothers by offering them two services available on its website.

Calculate your daily allowances

  • Pregnant, you wonder how much you will receive during your maternity leave? A tool answers your questions in a few clicks, via your ameli account. To do this, enter the expected date of the start of your maternity leave, as well as the amount of your last three salaries and the calculation is done in a few seconds!
  • This simulation tool also works for dads who wish to calculate the amount of their benefits during their paternity leave.

An agenda for your pregnancy

  • Month after month, the "You are expecting a child" service reminds you of the administrative procedures to be carried out and the medical examinations to be remembered. This service that allows you to organize is also accessible via "my account ameli".

Stéphanie Letellier