Name Enrick - Meaning and Origin

Name Enrick - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Enrick comes from the terms "heim" and "rik" which mean "house" and "king" respectively. Of the same origin as Henry, it is also a name that is prized by kings and sovereigns.


The American photographer Enrick Bonham Mayfield, the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, the Spanish composer and pianist Enrique Granados, the Italian footballer Enrique Guaita, the Spanish matador Enrique Ponce.

Henry II said "the Saint" was the sixth and last king of Germany. He worked for the spread of the Christian religion and peace throughout his reign. Ally of the Pope, he founded the Archdiocese of Bamberg which now contains his tomb. When he died in 1024, his wife Cunégonde distributed all his wealth to the poor and devoted the rest of his life to the needy.

His character :

Enrick hides under his calm air a great determination and an innate sense of duty. Intelligent and sure of himself, he has a tendency to abuse his charm. His morality is, to say the least, flexible. He is not bad intentioned and will make a point of honor to work for the happiness of his relatives. Enrick is generous and attentive when it comes to his loved ones. On the other hand, he is determined and ruthless when it comes to defending them.


Henri, Enrique, Emrick, Emerick

His party :

The Enrick are celebrated on July 13th.

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