Name Fraser - Meaning and origin

Name Fraser - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Fraser refers to the name given to a Scottish people and means "man of the forest".


Professor John Fraser Hart has been teaching geography at the University of Minnesota for more than 50 years.
Scottish singer and songwriter Fraser Anderson stands out for the poetic character of his hits.
Canadian Frazer McLaren is a professional ice hockey player. He is a left winger in the Canadian team LAH.
Frazer Nash gave his name to the racing car construction company he founded in 1922.

His character :

Despite her slightly feminine appearance, Fraser radiates a certain magnetism that often attracts attention. Although he does not have the body of Apollo, he remains beautiful and charming, leaving few women indifferent. A big fan of fashion, Fraser attaches great importance to her appearance. Don Juan inveterate, he multiplies conquests while seeking great love.
Smiling and communicative, Fraser has excellent relationships with those around her. Calm and conciliatory in nature, he advocates tranquility and harmony as a philosophy of life. Although his intelligence and charm arouse the envy of some of his colleagues, he always tries to maintain a good working atmosphere.
This pragmatic and enterprising man is promised a good professional career. A visionary and a man of action, he will quickly rise to the pinnacle of success. Showing great patience and unrivaled intuition, Fraser always finds the right time to invest in a project. His philosophy: everything comes to those who wait.



His party :

No date is assigned to Fraser in the calendar.

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