Name Gratiane - Meaning of the Name

Name Gratiane - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic, Greek

Meaning of the name:

Female name derived from "Gratian" and "Grace", "Gratiane" comes from the Latin "gratia" meaning "favor", "blessing", "thank you" and "grace", among others.


No Gratiane famous yet ... your choupette to change the deal!

Daughter of the emir of Valencia, Spain, Zaïde who was influenced by his brother Ahmed (Bernard) converted to Christianity after abjuring Islam. She was baptized "Grace" and was beheaded on August 21, 1180.

His character :

Enchanted with idealism and perfection, the Gratiane have the attention to detail and love to take charge. They never shy away from their homework and enjoy comforting, protecting, listening and caring for others.


Gratianne, Gratian, Gratia, Gracianne, Gracious, Gratian and Graziella.

His party :

August 21st. On this day we celebrate Saint Bernard, Mary and Grace.

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