The Belly painting, good idea!

The Belly painting, good idea!

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Before you can celebrate the arrival of your baby, you may want to pay tribute to your beautiful round belly by transforming into a work of art for a session of Belly painting.

Belly painting, what is it?

  • Belly painting is a variant of the body painting, which consists of using the whole body, like a painting by painting it. This form of pictorial art is inspired by Aboriginal art, where body paintings are a means of communicating tribal and social status.
  • The Belly painting, prenatal version of the body painting, consists of transforming the round belly of future mothers into a work of art.
  • This highly developed practice in Australia and the United States is also emulated, like the baby shower, in our country.

Belly painting, what for?

  • To have a moment just for you and let your creativity express itself.
  • To have a beautiful memory of your pregnancy, by immortalising your beautifully rounded belly in a unique way and take the opportunity to take a picture to show later to your future baby.

Belly painting, how is it?

  • Before the session, the artist who will make your Belly painting defines a preliminary project, a drawing made according to your desires, your personality, your tastes. You do not have to choose a reason that relates to your pregnancy: from the Russian doll to the reproduction of a Kandinsky painting. You decide.
  • The session usually takes place in the 7th month, when your belly is round enough to be highlighted by the nice drawing.
  • The session lasts between one and two hours, depending on the complexity of the chosen motif.
  • The artist uses a water paint, hypoallergenic, intended specifically for the body.
  • The ephemeral painting will have a lifespan of about 3 hours. The time to take the opportunity to organize a photo shoot or to go show off your beautifully painted belly.

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