The mushroom of Paris

The mushroom of Paris

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Light cooking ... it's him! In addition, he cultivates the benefits due to his composittion. Seasonality, dietary virtues, tips for choosing, cooking and keeping: our advice.

Mushroom of Paris, what season?

  • The mushroom of Paris is cultivated in vast galleries plunged in the darkness. Unlike wild mushrooms, it is available all year round.


  • Low calorie (25 kcal / 100 g), the mushroom of Paris is rich in minerals, potassium in the head, and vitamins of group B whose deficiency can cause in pregnant women neuralgia and muscle cramps.
  • It is also a relatively plant rich in fiber and proteins.

Choice and consumption

  • When it is very fresh, the mushroom of Paris has a clear head which hides its slats. A mushroom head in corolla, showing brownish lamellae, indicates an old mushroom, soft and not very tasty.

Usage tips

  • Wash it quicklyBecause, like all mushrooms, water quickly turns it into a sponge.
  • For the same reasons, do not cook with water until it has to go to the grinder. Prefer to cook it in the pan (in little fat), where he loses his excess moisture.
  • Peel the big mushrooms of Paris and the small ones if they are a little wrinkled.
  • Raw in salad, lemon them to prevent them from turning black.

The mushroom of Paris, how old?

It can be introduced from 6 months in your baby's vegetable soups, one to two bottles per bottle.

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