King's castle

King's castle

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The aim of the game ? Reach the castle of the king ... but beware, the path is fraught with pitfalls!

A game from 4 years

  • This game is ideal on the beach.
  • The goal: to reach the castle of the king, composed of a mound of sand, surrounded with more than one meter of a broad rampart drawn on the ground by two double lines spaced about 40 cm.
  • To get there, you have to cross a path full of pitfalls: for example, facing a croco pit dug into the ground.
  • Jump over a double barrier of algae.
  • Take a small path lined with shells.
  • Slalom on all fours on a line of six blocks.
  • Walking in ten large footprints of his dad without wavering, until the arrival at the castle where he will take his momentum and jump with feet together without falling into the pit (on pain of returning to departure) and sit on the ground. mound.