The Lego cake

The Lego cake

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Awesome, this cake Lego, right? Simply make a simple yogurt or choco cake and decorate it with colored sugar paste ... and some Lego characters, of course. Anne-Sophie, best pastry chef M6, gives you her recipe!


  • 1 cake 15 cm
  • 750 g of green sugar paste
  • 1 cake plate 20 cm in diameter
  • 100 g of red sugar dough
  • 100 g light blue sugar paste
  • 100 g of green sugar paste
  • 100 g yellow sugar dough


Spread out the red, yellow, blue and green sugar pasta on a surface sprinkled with a mixture of icing sugar and cornflour to prevent sticking. Use a tape cutter to cut 1.5cm high strips. Within these strips then cut rectangles 5cm long.

Cut out a strip of baking paper at least 25cm long and a little over 7.5cm high. Attach this tape to a table edge with 2 pieces of tape. Put the different colored rectangles upside down flush with the strip, alternating the colors and shifting them slightly so that they are not aligned in height. Tighten the rectangles well to avoid gaps.

Once you get a strip of rectangles 24cm long and 7.5cm high (5 rows of bricks), place another strip of baking paper over it and roll around to lightly seal the rectangles together.

Remove the scotch pieces, coat the edges of the cake with a little bit of food glue, then take it between your two hands flat with its plate and come roll it on the strip of colored bricks. It's easier to be at 2 to accompany the baking paper tape during this operation.

Once the bricks are wrapped around the cake, cut the excess and carefully remove the baking paper.

Then cut out green mini-dots with a 3mm round mini round ejector and fix them in rows aligned every 1.5cm on the top of the cake with a dot of glue.

With the dough drops of different colors form square bricks of 1,5cm height and length. Glue over 4 small balls of dough of the same color. Arrange them on the top of the cake. Decorate with Lego characters!


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